Joanna Blémont (b. 1997, Brussels)  is an illustrator and artist based in Edinburgh, UK. 

With the use of sequential frames, she depicts issues through multiple lenses. Her silent watercolours explore time, place and processes.

In her practice, Joanna questions the boundary between the familiar and strange through everyday scenes. Her process involves working from memories, dreams and photo archives.

She traces partially figurative scenes where details indicating a specific time or place are subtracted and the image seeks to appeal to a collective gaze. Natural forms and built environments intertwine ambiguously, immersing the viewer in the language of dreams.

“The house seems different, the same but another. An exhausting familiarity of the uncanny.” Marie Darrieussecq, Sleepless, Folio, 2021.


Zine Collaborations
Aristide Continuer, toujours. (Continue, always.)


For new commissions, please get in touch with my agents at: hello@grandmatter.com

Selected Clients:
The New Yorker, The New York Times, De Correspondent, The Skinny, Lumière Noire Records, CHZONxCowley Manor, The Philosopher’s Magazine, Stéréolux. 

2022_Out of the Blueprint, Edinburgh, UK

2022_Work-In-Progress - Out of the Blueprint, Edinburgh, UK.

2024_ Musings - The Royal Hospital for Children & Young People, Edinburgh, UK.
2022_Print Expo - Out of the Blueprint, Edinburgh, UK.

Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh.
Out of the Blueprint, Edinburgh.

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